After over 15 years of filming from helicopter, boat, under and over water, from Ireland to the Antarctic, from the Caribbean to Spitzbergen, we have a large amount of quality stock shots available for sale.


The panoramic 5 camera rig gives huge choice of angle as it covers 200 degrees.


We can sell both multi screen panoramic footage and single screen material.


Check out the list and description of available footage below and don't hesitate to contact us to hear more about the content.


Antarctica: helicopter footage of and around the Astrolabe Glacier in Terre Adelie. Spectacular panoramics (unique in the World we believe), crevasses, sunsets on the icebergs and penguins in serious quantity - nesting, reproducing, fighting, feeding, walking, climbing, sliding, swimming, standing around, you name it. Also single camera footage of general life on and around the French Base.


Caribbean: beautiful shots covering most features of the island of Aruba: panoramics and single camera material of local fauna, flora, culture and history. Helicopter, boat, underwater, water sports.


Spitzbergen: rare panoramics from this inaccessible region: dramatic helicopter sequences of the landscape and glaciers, serene boat sequences, wildlife including birds, polar fox and polar bears.


Norway: from Oslo to the pearls of the south coast, up the west coast to Lofoten and on to the North Cape plateau. Also much from Hardangervidda, the Jostedals Glacier, Haugesund, Bergen and fjords. A lot of flora, fauna, culture and landscape.