A unique, proven video technology for every environment.

Caprino Panoramic uses a unique video technology that creates a total‑immersion presentation from 5 up to 60 m wide. With a potential screen area of up to 540 square metres, this is two‑and‑a‑half times bigger than the industry‑standard large‑format cinema. The 5 cameras have a total 200° field of view, delivering a powerful, wrap-around viewing experience.



Reaches all but the most impossible locations

Panoramic crain rigg on oilrig In program creation, the strength

of Caprino Panoramic is the fact that the relatively compact camera

configuration can reach all but the most impossible locations.

Situations which film crews using conventional large‑format

technology could never reach are everyday working terrain for

Caprino Panoramic.


This translates directly into an unequalled spectator experience. It

shows visitors not only what they could see if they had the time,

but – much more important – places and views they could never see,

however long they spent.



Easy playback from server or Blu-ray

For playback, the show is recorded in digital form and can be run from a server or DVD disc system. Simple ‘load & play’ operation is ensured by the show controller, which can be programmed in advance with all the required settings. A fully customisable surround system with as many channels as you need creates an impressive sound stage to match the panoramic video presentation.



Successful productions in every environment

Panoramic boat rigg in Aruba In recent years the company has

created successful productions in every kind of environment –

on land, in the air, on the water and underwater. Our mission

is to create a larger‑than‑life viewing experience, together with

specially composed sound tracks and unique effects, for all

kinds of venues and applications covering the worlds of tourism,

travel, natural history, sports, leisure and business.


Full end-to-end capability

With a full end‑to‑end capability, Caprino Panoramic creates total productions from concept to completion; from first idea to fully operational presentation theatre. In doing so we work closely together with customers and facility owners to create presentations that exactly meet their needs.


Highly flexible approach

The basis of Caprino Panoramic is formed by a small core team of highly experienced specialists, who can be supplemented as necessary with outside specialists to meet the specific requirements of individual productions. This approach provides a high degree of flexibility, with the ability not only to handle total productions, but also to provide specific services as part of customers’ overall projects on a highly flexible basis.


Total control at every stage

Our complete, in‑house production facilities give us – and you – total control of content and presentation at every stage. The result is a unique ability to deliver a compelling visitor experience that will add value to your organisation and your venue in a remarkably cost‑effective way.