Showing the colours, nature, sealift, activities, culture and history of Aruba, this panoramic show has been quoted by locals from the island as “Showcasing the island’s beauty, this movie intensifies our pride to be an Aruban, showing us to be living in an annex of heaven”


Hardangervidda Nature Centre

“Mountains, fjords and Waterfalls” is the translation of the Norwegian title of this panoramic show – some of the most stunning scenery in Norway


Hunderfossen Theme Park

A Family Theme Park which runs a selection of panoramic shows including featured areas of Norway to an amusing story of a couple of ambitious penguins who are sure they can fly! Charming and amusing shots of penguins and unique panoramic footage of Antarctica both from helicopter, land, boat and underwater.


Irish music

Viewable at Caprino Panoramic Studios. This film tells the story of the differnte styles of tradisjonal Irish music. Setting the sceen with dramatic landscape shots from helicopter, the local instrument and style of music is narrated by a local artist who then plays in the local environment.


Norwegian Glacier Museum

Based near Europe’s largest glacier, the Norwegian Glacier Museum has featured this panoramic show as a centrepiece of its attractions. Stunning helicopter glacier shots.


Norwegian Maritime Museum

The Norwegian Maritime Museum’s panoramic show tells the tale of Norway as a coastal nation covering the pearls of the south coast, the beautiful Lofoten region and including Caribbean cruising.



This French centre of attraction runs a panoramic show as a preview to its penguin display – unique footage from Antarctica with a preview of life at the French Antarctic Base. Fantastic panoramic helicopter footage, great studies of the Adelie penguin, also featuring the “Great White” of the Antarctic, the Leopard seal.



Spitzbergen is a Norwegian Protectorate and worth of respect. This panoramic show presents Spitzbergen in all its glory: from wildlife to wild nature.


South African Breweries World of Beer

This fun and interactive journey explores the rich history of Africa’s beer culture, transporting you from the beginnings of Castle Lager and the story of Charles Glass, into the tombs of Egypt and mining townships of Johannesburg’s early days.


Saint Patrick Centre

The Centre is an exciting interpretative exhibition which tells the fascinating story of Ireland's Patron Saint. Through Patrick's own words a light is shone on the arrival of Christianity in Ireland and its development through his mission. A series of interactive displays allow visitors to explore how Patrick's legacy developed in early Christian times and reveal the fabulous artwork and metalwork which was produced during this Golden Age.


Wimbledon Lawntennis Museum

The jewel in the crown of this prestigious venue’s new Museum, “The Science of Tennis” is a seamless panoramic show featuring some heavy graphics over a Maria Sharapova match.