Caprino Panoramic: you’re part of the experience!


Take a look at some of nature’s most spectacular experiences. See them, hear them – even feel them – as if you were there. But then, take a step closer. Move right into the environment itself. See it unfold around you: from the air, from under the water, from the most inaccessible perspective.


The only experience that does justice to the real excitement…


This is no ordinary presentation. No standard video program. No simple multimedia show that leaves you wondering what it was really like. It’s Caprino Panoramic. The only experience that does justice to the real excitement in a way you can’t match, even if you could be there yourself.


With conventional technologies, the results can be quite attractive. Big screens, high quality sound, impressive effects. But they won’t make you feel you’re at the heart of the action. At locations that visitors can normally never reach. Seeing a succession of spectacular views that would take far too long to experience in person.