Go‑anywhere capability and unique multi‑camera technology…


That's the strength of Caprino Panoramic. It combines a go‑anywhere capability – mounted on vehicles, helicopters, cranes, sledges, boats, even extending into the water – with a unique multi‑camera technology. The result is a dramatic panoramic presentation that surrounds you, invites you and involves you.


With its immense 200° panorama and powerful surround audio on as many channels as the venue demands, Caprino Panoramic creates a compelling, total‑immersion experience. There is literally nothing that can match it for creating presentations that go far beyond the reality of standard visitor centres.


Makes the most ambitious productions cost-effective…


Add to that the affordability of Caprino Panoramic. Because this – uniquely – is a video-based technology, it allows the most ambitious productions to be made at a fraction of the cost of 35 and 70 mm film systems. It maintains the highest, uncompressed digital quality from the camera right through the production chain. And delivers the maximum possible panoramic impact for all kinds of programme material.


Caprino Panoramic is the ideal presentation medium for the widest possible range of situations. From natural history and heritage sites, visitor information centres, aquaria and wild life venues, to museums, historic buildings, attraction parks, tourist and exploration centres, corporate profiles and many more.


But in every case, the aim is the same. Providing visitors, guests, tourists, customers, with – literally – the experience of a lifetime. Taking them to where they could never otherwise go. Showing them sights and spectacles they could never see. Presenting them with a show that goes far beyond reality.